Our values

We at Van Grasdorff stand for PASSION.

Passion is drive. Your heart beats faster when a new child is born, when your favourite team is on the winning hand, when you are giving a new product presentation. Ours beats faster when seeing a perfectly shaped and delivered folding carton box. Something with which Our customer can make a difference, that he can score with his customers, that we can help him to gain a continuous competitive advantage. That is the PASSION of Van Grasdorff!


You are part of a lively organization. Your demands are difficult to capture in just one standard preformatted application document. We at Van Grasdorff find personal contact vital in a good business relationship. Our way of working insists on serving you as personally as possible. Carrying out Your wishes, but also thinking along as a partner, giving personal advice to optimally fulfill your packaging needs are some of the core tasks we see for ourselves.


We work according agreement. Promise is promise. Quality comes first in everything we do. You wish for correct folding boxes in the right colors with accurate delivery quantities and delivery times against prices which are market conform. A supplier on which you can rely in the long run.


As a family owned enterprise, we can quickly respond to your demand. Our organization structure is extremely flat. Flexibility and speed are a force instead of a bottleneck!


You put your carton board packaging in the hands of specialists at Van Grasdorff. Passion for the profession, which leans on almost 80 years of experience. A specialty of the best against a fair price.


We aim for continuous improvement. An up-to-date machine park, staying right on top of trends. No challenge is big enough. We do not only work like this internally, but also in our cooperation with you. Thinking along and bringing in innovation which results in added value for both of us. We call this innovative partnership.



We have passion for our profession. Something we wish to continue for a long time. That is why we contribute our fair share to a sustainable environment. Van Grasdorff possesses the PEFC certificate and the FSC certificate, which gives you the assurance of using carton board from sustainably managed forests. Van Grasdorff can deliver PEFC or FSC certified packaging.

Passion for