“Good day, my name is Pierre. What I am passionate about? Well, that is an easy answer. Soccer, especially the home team of my village. Together with my wife we organise the catering of the home games. Last year we even became champion of our league, and you could see a lot of passion in our stadium! Also cycling with my friends in the Flemish country side, I like a lot. This year, we cycled the Belgian stage of the Tour de France!. During the week I have another passion, die-cutting at Van Grasdorff. I have done this for years with a lot of pleasure. The constant rhythm of a smoothly running machine, that makes my day.”

Pierre ensures, together with his colleagues, that all boxes are accurately cut on our die-cutting machines. This happens in close cooperation with the CADCAM. A specialisation that adds to our DNA-profile of quality and innovation paired to speed. The activities vary from plotting samples and models, print approvals to designing new layouts. Do you have personal wishes? Do not hesitate to ask.


“Hi, my name is Sandra. Passion? You know what to ask me. Actually, Today, my passion is being in motion all the time. I cannot stay put and be quiet. I always want to be busy with something. During weekends I love to go shopping with friends from time to time. I also really enjoy working in the factory. Nothing beats a smoothly running machine which allows being busy all the time. Packing boxes with my sympathetic colleagues is something I value highly. I would certainly call that my passion!”

Sandra and her colleagues occupy the finishing department. They take care of the finishing of the folding boxes on our window patching and folder gluing machines. Sleeves, friction tuck tops, standard slit lock tops, trays, quick and crash lock bottoms; in short, the whole range of folding carton boxes is their daily habitat. Specialists who execute passionally the finishing process in a quick and accurate way while focussed on quality.

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